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PRC Europe 2018 is an outstanding international downstream oil and gas event. The Congress is, for good reason, dedicated to European Refining and Petrochemical sector: there exists the vision that the European petrochemical and refining industry is to be recognized as the foundation of future economic success in Europe.

Today most of the refineries are upgrading and switching to new technologies: where the human workforce has been replaced by machines, making the process more ecological and production much more economical. In light of a minor sagging of the upstream market the downstream does not buckle, on the contrary, the capacity rises, the industry is now at its peak and all market players are waiting for what will happen next, whether the environmental protection laws will be tightened or not.

At PRC Europe 2018 new technologies and solutions will be presented on the focus-exhibition by the leading service providers of the market. Based on our clients’ feedback the special focus this year is driven to process safety, automation, OpEx, asset management and new regulations.

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