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To meet the growing worldwide demand for energy while preparing for the future.

Lieferprogramm für Petrochemie und Raffinerie




В нашей программе поставок заложен весь спектр современных жаропрочных материалов, в том числе и с микролегированием, таких как ET45 Micro, 1.4852 Micro и др. Выше мы приводим таблицу соответствия. По Вашему техническому заданию, мы готовы скорректировать шихтовку под российские аналоги в соответствии с требованиями различных российских ТУ.

Schleudergußrohre, Stränge, Reformerrohre, Coils

Gußfittings, T-Stücke, Manifold, Sokolet, Kollektoren

центробежнолитые трубы
литые фитинги

NPA is GS-PERAMET’s manufacturing partner for heat-resistant centrifugally cast tubes static/investment castings: 

- Small diameter ethylene tubes (Ø 50-100 MM), large diameter reformer tubes (Ø 100-300 MM), tubes for continuous annealing / galvanizing lines, furnace rollers and radiant tubes. 

- Elbows, return bends, Wye-pieces, Tee-pieces, Tetra fittings, bottom manifolds, reducing cones.

Annual centrifugally casting capacity (2016) is 9000 tons, static/investment castings capacity is 3500 tons.


Radiant Coil Assemblies, Reformer/Catalyst Tubes, Radiant Harp Assemblies, Radiant Tubes and Furnace Rolls, Tube sheets, Catalyst Grids

- Reformer furnace applications including ammonia, hydrogen, methanol and DRI

- Cracking furnaces of ethylene and naphtha gas

- Convection Zones

- Steel Industry


Radiant Coils, Finned tubes, Studded tubes, Convections Zones, Drawn pipes (Seamless), Tube sheets, Accessories.


For pre-assembling and final assembling GS-PERAMET is trusting in experienced professionals.  Utilising manual welding techniques of proven and repeatable quality, GS-PERAMET is meeting with the most stringent of specification requirements. Qualified welding procedures are certified to ASME/EN/BS standards, covering all materials from cast alloy range and materials including stainless steels and carbon steels, Cr-Mo and Nickel-base alloys. To ensure a carryover of shop floor fabrication quality and integrity to customer, GS-PERAMET offers site welding and supervision services worldwide.





“NPA” is a leading manufacturer for centrifugally cast tubes and static/precision castings of heat resistant alloys for ethylene cracking furnaces, reformer furnace tubes, CAL (Continuous Annealing Lines) & CGL (Continuous Galvanizing Lines) furnace rollers and radiant tubes, glass lehr rollers and heat/wear resistant castings. NPA is a private share holding company founded by professional engineers and experts. Most of them have been in the heat resistant furnace roller and tube industry for about 30 years and have made an important contribution to the huge improvement of local ethylene cracking furnaces, hydrogen reformer furnaces, steel strip continuous annealing lines, continuous galvanizing and float glass lines. The majority of the management and technicians has more than 15 years experience with manufacturing heat resistant centrifugal castings and static/precisions castings, cumulating rich experience and patented technology and knowhow. NPA is now one of the biggest and most advanced companies in China with high level technology, modern machinery and quality awareness, targeting to provide best turn-key solutions for international customers. NPA has very well equipped R&D capacities, working closely and extensively with renowned scientific research institutes and colleges to develop new product and materials. NPA has established complete quality assurance system including ISO 9001, environment ISO 14001 and occupational health and safety OHSAS18001 (GB/T28001). For all difficulty levels of welding stainless, heat-resistant and high alloy steels and castings, GS-PERAMET has successfully become an expert for challenging welding jobs on German and European market. Orders placed by well-known energy-generating companies, steel industry, petrochemical contractors as well as by chemical and food companies, prove the general high acceptance of GS-PERAMET’s performance. In workshops, welders and pipe fitters produce “X-Ray Quality” seams in accordance with the relevant regulations (e.g. for RT in accordance with AD regulations, otherwise in accordance with DIN EN 12517-1 of all material groups 5, 6, 8, 36, 43 and 45). nspection and quality assurance of the welding work is carried out by our welding coordinators, engineers and specialists (SFI and SFM). GS-PERAMET’s quality guarantee is supervised by permanent inspections of the seams (VT, PT, MT, UT and RT).

GS-PERAMET’s experts dispose about following approvals / certificates:

·   ISO 9001, AD2000 HP 0, DIN 3834-2

·   Welding procedure qualifications for the processing of all current material groups, in particular the material groups 5, 6, 8, 36, 43 and 45.

·   Manufacturer’s qualification for welding steel structures according to DIN 18800-7 in accordance with Water Resources Law.







In cracking furnaces raw materials such as ethane, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), naphtha, atmospheric gas oil (AGO) and hydrocracker residue are converted into ethylene and valuable by-products. Modern cracking furnaces have capacities of over 250,000 MTA of ethylene and fired duties of over 100 MW per furnace in short residence times. Operating temperatures even exceed 1000-1150° C. Thermal cracking processes need radiant coil systems - essentially consisting of high-alloy tube assemblies, fittings or bent tubes - all welded, gas-tight constructions.

Complete radiant coil systems, tube assemblies, fittings as spare parts are regularly changed in existing crackers and installed in new capacities. Global demand of ethylene is continuously growing.




-  10 Medium Frequency Induction Furnaces

-  1 Electric Arc Furnace

-  8 Centrifugal Machines

-  9 Deep-hole Boring Machines

-  2 CNC Pipe Beveling Machines

-  2 Static Casting Mechanical Processing Machines

-  2 Surface Cleaning Machines

-  6 Welding Processing Lines




Our manufacturing processes:

-  Centrifugal casting

-  Sand casting

-  Precision casting

Our manufacturing dimensions:

-  Small diameter tubes: O.D. 50 MM – 100 MM

-  Wall thicknesses: 5 MM – 10 MM

-  Large diameter tubes:  O.D. 100 MM – 400 MM

-  Wall thicknesses: 10 MM – 20 MM

Steam Reformer
змеевики печей


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